Lead Management


With the economy booming and more people traveling, reservation inquiries are near all-time highs. Add in the ever-growing list of ways to plan a trip, and it’s no surprise properties are missing booking opportunities.

Common Lead Management Challenges

  • Respond quickly before a lead goes cold.
  • Account for all inquiries and grow your marketing
  • Prioritize leads to identify which to focus on first.
  • Consistently deliver exceptional guest service.
Our Solution

Start using an integrated lead management system that dramatically improves your team’s ability to manage and respond to reservation inquiries. A system that captures more leads by unifying leads sources into one location, helps agents prioritize and produce, and collects all prospect data into an actionable marketing database.

With our solution, you’ll be able to:
  • Generate future revenue by building a more complete and actionable prospect database.
  • Enhance guest experience by quickly responding to all leads.
  • Improve agent performance by helping them prioritize the most valuable inquiries.
  • Increase revenue by capturing bookings before your competition.

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The Achilles Heel of Growing Hospitality Companies:
Multi-Channel Lead Management

As a result of the massive expansion of OTAs, the hospitality industry is flooded with inquiries. Learn how lead management technology can help you grow your business.

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“With NAVIS, our reservation team is not only being much more effective and is booking more, but they are also able to ascertain and fulfill guest vacation needs better.”

Lisa Howe
Vice President of Marketing

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