Reach – Vacation Rental Edition


Create More Demand That Actually Books

Reach, powered by the NAVIS Cloud CRM, provides vacation rental companies a powerful solution for creating, managing, and delivering targeted communications. Reach increases engagement with prospective guests resulting in more inquiries that are likely to book.

Reach automates your vacation rental marketing communications by leveraging dynamic guest personas built from guest and prospect data, and imported lists. With Reach, vacation rental professionals can engage and guide guests along their unique booking paths to increase conversion, revenue, and profit.



Book More Revenue

Personalized messages triggered by recent behavior dramatically improve booking, open, and click rates. We have the data to prove it; contact us for details.


Empower Marketers to Do More

Automate messaging based on attributes, preferences and behavior business rules, enabling marketing teams to do more by creating and sending high-quality, targeted communications.


Create More Profitable Demand

Guests that book directly, and those that return for additional stays are the most profitable; Reach helps marketers generate and nurture more profitable inquiries.


Extend Guest Experience

Drive more repeat rentals by sending personalized and targeted messages throughout the year that reinforce guests’ positive vacation experiences.


Protect Your Brand

Personalized, triggered messaging strengthens your brand by delivering relevant and timely communications.


Triggered Messaging

Set business rules around when to send communications, automating personalized, one-to-one messaging based on behaviors, attributes, preferences, and stay dates.

Already Booked Awareness

Matching logic that removes already booked guests from promotional marketing sends, thus protecting revenue, margins, and brand reputation.

Campaign Revenue Tracking

Measure how much revenue each campaign generates, in addition to open, click-thru, and forward rates.

A/B Testing

Intelligent and configurable testing engine measures and tracks alternate creative aspects (subject lines, imagery, offers, etc.) and automatically shifts remaining sends to the most effective version.

PMS Integration

Integrated with 28 Property Management Systems, Reach unlocks the value of PMS guest data and improves marketing team effectiveness.

Options: StayCycle

Personalize timely messaging to guests before, during, and after each stay.

Auto Agent

Intelligent, automated email responses to property listing inquiries, merging real-time HomeAway PMS inventory data with branded messaging to capture and convert online bookings around the clock when agents are unavailable to respond immediately.

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“Having used NAVIS as a vacation planner and then going for a period without it I’m so excited to now have it back. With NAVIS, managing my day and the leads I have to respond to is so much easier…”

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