Marketing ROI Measurement

It’s an age-old problem that continues to confound marketers – measuring the return on marketing spend. Millions are needlessly wasted each year on campaigns that don’t move the revenue needle.

Tracking and measuring marketing ROI requires an inter-connected system that tracks online and offline (phone) responses, and ties actual booked revenue with campaigns; a technology that automatically and consistently captures and reports this data.

The Solution to Marketing ROI Measurement:

  • Deploy an integrated system to attribute activity and revenue to campaigns
  • Capture and report on all online and offline success for a true measure
  • Create and use real time results to reallocate spend to campaigns now proven to deliver
  • Leverage NAVIS’ Marketing Automation, Reservations Sales Optimization, and Hospitality CRM solutions to get more ROI
Know What Works Sputnik Graphic for Marketing ROI

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The Hum of a Well-Oiled Machine: The Benefits of Integrated Sales & Marketing Teams

Through integrated technology, unified teams have the potential yield more revenue and become a true guest engagement engine.

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“With NAVIS, our marketing team has a complete picture of how our marketing campaigns are working or not working. The system has paid very real dividends for our property.”

Sheldon Suga
Managing Director

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