Overreliance on OTAs and Listing Sites

Seems like just yesterday that we were focused on driving more demand and occupancy. Many hospitality companies adopted the use of OTAs and listing sites to help fill their properties, but now realize these expensive channels have seriously eroded profitability.

The Solution to Overreliance on OTAs & Listing Sites:

  • Take control of and optimize your Direct Channel – bookings made online and offline by phone – to lower OTA commissions
  • Invest in your Reservations team to improve closing ratios and lower guest acquisition costs
  • Lower distribution costs by creating and converting more direct demand with NAVIS’ Marketing Automation, Reservations Sales Optimization, Call Center and Hospitality CRM solutions
More Direct Business Sputnik Graphic for OTA Overreliance

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“With NAVIS, you now have the tools to effectively market, manage the customer lifecycle, build those relationships, build loyalty and turn your customers in to brand advocates.”

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