Vacation Rental Management

To say NAVIS knows a thing or two about professionally managed vacation rentals is a serious understatement. We’ve been serving the industry for 28 years, helping our clients solve many of their most vexing sales and marketing challenges.

In the last 10 years, our focus has been improving reservation sales and marketing efforts – the front of the house activities that produce revenue and profit.

Our partnerships yield dramatic increases in revenue. Clients report our innovative vacation rental software and high performance processes help them build a team that excels at creating and converting more reservations demand.


NAVIS Vacation Rental Management Integrated Products

Reservation Sales Optimization Green Circle Phone Logo

Transform Order-Takers into Sales-Makers with
NAVIS Narrowcast Vacation Rental Edition

Lead Management Orange Circle Clipboard Logo

Manage and Respond to All Leads with
NAVIS Capture Vacation Rental Edition

Hospitality Marketing Automation Yellow Email Logo

Engage via Personalized Messaging with
NAVIS Reach Vacation Rental Edition

Hospitality CRM Red Circle Logo

Unlock Your Data Goldmine
with NAVIS Cloud CRM

Hotel Guest Experience Circle Logo

Use Data to Enhance Guest Experience
with NAVIS StayCycle

Hotel Call and Contact Center Purple Circle Logo

Answer Reservation Calls 24/7/365
with NAVIS RezForce


HSMAI White Paper – Driving Direct Channel Bookings

With the rising costs of distribution, hotels should be looking at potential revenue increases and decreased costs by developing strategies around direct bookings.

Island Realty Vacation Rentals

“The Navis Way helps vacation rentals work smarter and maximize revenue by illuminating what is and is not working in their businesses.”

Kristin Robinson
Reservations Manager