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Almost 25% of reservations inquiries happen during peak overflow periods and after hours. When answered, these calls are lucrative. When missed, your competition profits.


Common Call Center Challenges

  • Missing bookings with unexpected inquiry volume.
  • Controlling staffing costs without missing opportunity.
  • Instantly available coverage for peak periods.
  • Reservation sales professionals answering calls after hours.
  • Seasonal hiring and training demands.
Our Solution

Partner with a dedicated hospitality call center solution for after-hours, overflow, or fully staffed reservations support. All have the same results: decreased staffing costs and increased bookings.

With our solution, you’ll be able to:
  • Deliver exceptional guest experiences around the clock with call center overflow.
  • Capture lead data on every caller your team misses, even from those that don’t book.
  • Increase revenue by capturing bookings you would otherwise miss.
  • Save as much as 20% in labor costs with 10% of calls handled by an inbound call center partner.

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HSMAI White Paper – Driving Direct Channel Bookings

With the rising costs of distribution, hotels should be looking at potential revenue increases and decreased costs by developing strategies around direct bookings.

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“The NAVIS system provides the critical data essential to achieving unprecedented call conversion rates, higher ADR’s and higher levels of occupancy.”

Bob Bauersachs
General Manager

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