Reservation Sales Optimization


With so much focus on digital, we find all too often that hospitality executives have taken their eye off of one of the most valuable teams in their organization – the Reservations Department. If you’re like most, you’re missing a huge opportunity by not converting more of the demand already calling or emailing your team.

Common Reservation Sales Challenges

  • Increase closing ratios to improve revenue capture.
  • Improve team performance with accurate and objective agent metrics.
  • Manage leads to avoid missing bookings.
  • Consistently deliver exceptional guest booking experiences.
Our Solution

Start using an integrated reservation sales system that dramatically improves agent performance. A system that combines powerful Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality, agent productivity tools, lead management and dynamic marketing campaign tracking.

With our solution, you’ll be able to:
  • Increase revenue by arming agents with real-time intelligence to convert more bookings.
  • Measure and report true marketing ROI based on how much revenue each campaign generates offline through the phones (vs. just online).
  • Enhance guest experience by smartly routing each inquiry.
  • Generate new revenue by enabling concierge-like follow up calls.
  • Improve team operations by gaining visibility into what’s working or not.
  • Improve agent performance by scoring recorded guest calls and coaching each agent’s individual skills.

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Sheldon Suga
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