NAVIS Reveal™

Dynamic Business Intelligence at your Fingertips

Reveal is the newest application in the NAVIS Omnichannel CRM platform that offers interactive business intelligence so you know what's important and how to make the best decisions.

Monitor your Revenue Drivers and Trends

Dashboards and data visualization allow you to quickly monitor your KPIs and view trends over time. If your data changes unexpectedly, you can quickly drill down to understand the details.

Aggregate all Your Data into One System

A single source of truth for comparing all NAVIS and 3rd party data across departments and sources, providing a complete picture of your business.

Nurture New and Repeat Stays

Send triggered, personalized email follow up for every reservation inquiry (including those by phone) to dramatically increase bookings. Stay in touch automatically with past guests via personalized and perfectly timed touches that encourage repeat stays and customer loyalty.

Make Better Business Decisions

NAVIS Reveal informs a wide range of business decisions ranging from operational to strategic. Gain insights into new markets, measure your demand, evaluate performance, and develop strategies for growth.

See your data differently with NAVIS Reveal ™