NAVIS Narrowcast Cloud

Hospitality's #1 reservation sales software transforms agent teams into revenue makers and relationship marketers.

Powerful New Features

NAVIS Narrowcast Cloud is hospitality's highest performing call center software. It's a powerfully integrated part of our Omnichannel CRM platform, helping hoteliers and vacation rental managers transform agent teams of all sizes from reservation-takers to revenue-makers.

Capture Data

Omnichannel CRM allows agents to capture valuable guest data on ALL callers. Not-booked caller data fuels outbound call and email follow-up for second-chance bookings and arms revenue managers with comprehensive turndown insights. Each email address is worth up to $110.

Recognize Guests

Agents know who’s calling, what campaign prompted each call, past stay history, lifetime value, and much more. Calls, emails, and chats are intelligently routed so agents can start building lifelong relationships with guests over the phone.

Convert Revenue

Improve agent inbound conversion rates, create second-chance booking opportunities via integrated lead management tools, improve sales performance with powerful coaching tools, and optimize your workforce. Revenue increases of 20% are common.

Turn Your Team Into Sales Pros

A Powerful Lead Management System

More than a lead tracking system, our integrated lead nurturing tools empower agents to easily work all reservation inquiries like sales leads, while comprehensive automated data capture benefits marketing and revenue management.

Improve Reservation Agent Performance with Reservation Sales Software

Empower Agents and Managers

Tools and insights to help you coach improvement in team performance. Utilize objective data and performance improvement tools to set goals, measure success, and increase booking production for each of your agents.

Measure and Analyze Marketing ROI

Accurate and in-depth campaign insights across booking channels help you know how best to spend your marketing dollars. Full integration with PMS, Google AdWords, and your phone system gives you a complete and real-time picture of what's working and what's not.

Measure Marketing ROI Report on Mobile Phone

Unify Reservation Sales and Marketing with NAVIS Narrowcast CloudTM