Unlock Intelligence In Your Data

Most are sitting on a gold mine, but don’t possess the right tools to realize this fortune. Turning guest attributes, preferences and behaviors into actionable intelligence that drives new stays and higher spending is the key to unlocking hidden value in your guest data.

The Solution to Unlock Intelligence in Your Data:

  • Clean up existing profiles and add guest behavior and spending patterns to make data more usable
  • Capture robust data on the two-thirds of demand not booking today so you can re-market and book them in the future
  • Consolidate all data from your PMS, phone system, marketing database, etc. and deliver this newfound intelligence in real time to where it matters most – the point of sale and service
  • Leverage NAVIS’ Hospitality CRM, Marketing Automation, and Reservations Sales Optimization solutions to mine more gold
Empower Better Results Sputnik - Unlock Intelligent Data

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The Incredible Wisdom Derived from Connecting Data

With integrated systems and data you will have accurate revenue attribution and past stay data for more robust targeted marketing leading to better agent result.


“Through our partnership with NAVIS, we now have the ability not only to track every single incoming inquiry, but also to record details about the caller’s needs and our responses.”

Mia Vlaar

Director of Sales & Marketing

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