Missing Reservation Inquiries

Demand is near record highs across the industry, and with it, phones are ringing off the hook. Factor in that nearly 24% of inquiries occur after hours (NAVIS Analytics) when trained reservations sales staff are not available, and the significance of improving call handling becomes crystal clear. Answering all your inquiries is the simplest way to make more money.

The Solution to Missing Reservation Inquiries:

  • Smartly route and answer all incoming inquiries using a call center software solution
  • Optimize profit by outsourcing a portion of reservations calls to a professional hospitality call center
  • Capture lead data on every caller, not just those who book, using innovative call center software
  • Create new revenue streams via 2nd chance booking strategies made easy by call center monitoring
  • Leverage NAVIS’ Reservations Sales Optimization, Call Center and Lead Management solutions to never miss a booking
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“There’s no other overflow/after-hours reservation service out there that does what NAVIS does for 4 and 5 star resorts. We are extremely pleased.”

Jeremy Fain
Director of Revenue

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