Accelerate Revenue & Profitability

A good economy floats all boats, and most in hospitality have seen improvements in demand, occupancy and revenue. But are you outpacing your competition? Is profitability growing at least as fast as revenue?

Accelerate revenue and profitability by focusing on your direct business – bookings made directly with your company online and offline by phone. Now is the time to capture more profitable new guests that deliver immediate results and strengthen your business for the future.

The Solution to Accelerate Revenue & Profitability:

  • Shift your reservations department from order takers to sales makers with call recordings, key performance indicators (KPIs), hospitality sales training and incentives
  • Collect actionable data to own your guests, drive repeat stays and increase lifetime value
  • Never miss a booking with 24/7/365 call handling coverage when your agents aren’t available
  • Know which marketing campaigns are working; stop spending on what’s not with complete marketing tracking
  • Leverage NAVIS’ integrated solutions to strengthen and protect your most profitable revenue channel
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HSMAI White Paper – Driving Direct Channel Bookings

With the rising costs of distribution, hotels should be looking at potential revenue increases and decreased costs by developing strategies around direct bookings.

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“Our move to Navis was transformational to our rooms division. We have seen measurable increases in revenue that far exceeds any cost incurred.”

Jack V. Moyer
Vice President & General Manager

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