NAVIS is an award-winning hospitality technology company trusted by leading independent resorts, hotels, and vacation rental brands. Our clients make better sales and marketing decisions based on accurate, real-time data and uncover previously hidden profit sources. We help increase occupancy and maximize rates while lowering costs.


Why We’re Unique

High-Touch Service
In this high-tech age, high touch service is very rare. NAVIS delivers an unmatched level of service recognized by clients and industry colleagues alike.
Integrated and Actionable Data
Only NAVIS unlocks the power of guest and prospect data, with innovative technology that transforms bits and bytes into real-time hospitality intelligence.
Proven and Replicable Best Practices
A high-performance playbook of sorts, our Best Practices outline nearly a hundred methods for properties to better leverage their data to increase revenue, profits, and guest service.
Who’s Who of Raving Clients
Many of the top independent hospitality brands partner with NAVIS and publicly praise the incremental success we’ve helped them achieve.
Low Risk
We put our money where our mouth is. Our month-to-month subscriptions and performance start up guarantees eliminate risk of partnership.

NAVIS’ Integrated Products

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Increasing Direct Channel Revenue with Technology

The voice channel has been overlooked in the direct revenue conversation despite the face that it’s ever-increasing importance to drive more profitable business.

Tranquility Bay Beachfront Hotel & Resort

“NAVIS is remarkable: from our initial interactions, and continuing on to the long-term interactions with our Client Advocate, Tech Support, and RezForce, we have found that NAVIS functions with the highest levels of integrity and ethics.”

Bob Bauersachs
General Manager

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